Annual Servicing

No Limit Plumbing offers a complete annual servicing programme that covers all your heating and plumbing needs. Annual services help maintain system efficiency, comply with safety standards, keep down heating costs and reduce the need for replacing parts. And all this will help you save money in the long term.

Beneficial power flushes

Power flushes can be a feature of our annual servicing and pump a cleansing agent through an entire central heating system. They are highly effective at removing sludge, rust and corrosion that build up over time and can lead to blockages, reduced efficiency and, sometimes, total failure.

Rental properties

All gas appliances in rented properties need to be checked and serviced once a year according to manufacturer’s instructions and issued with an annual Gas Safety Certificate. Work with No Limit Plumbing to keep your certificates up to date. We will remind you when your next annual service is due and can schedule in one of our engineers to carry out the work at a convenient time.

Contact us to book your annual service.